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Blessing for a Newborn

                 I wish someone told me that in the end everything is okay. That, in the end, the world has the mastery to care for itself and the wisdom to see to that aim.

                 I wish someone told me that my actions though important in my life are small in the ebbs and flows of the world as a whole and therefore my mistakes arenít grounds for dismissal but instead are lessons in becoming the person I was born to be.

                 I wish I knew that sometimes it is more important to act in courage than to do the right thing.

                 I wish someone taught me that I am, and was born, the person I will always be and that the only challenge in my life will be to surrender to that greatness, to explore that innate sense of myself. All else is merely a chance to clean the complacency and negativity off my soul.

                 I wish someone informed me that it was okay to be human and to believe myself, to not always trust people and to know that people are responsible for their own feelings, not I.

Kids rock. So much wonder, curiosity and innocence. OhÖ and a mess load of mischief.

Ö and poop too. Kids poop a lot.

I was once asked to write a blessing for a friendís newborn baby. This is what I wrote. I was very honest when I wrote it. It still inspires me.

Blessing for a newborn.

                 I wish I knew that people are cruel because they either donít know better or donít have the courage. In life people will hurt you and you will hurt others; it is okay to mourn this pain and I would like to tell you that it is okay to end that mourning and continue the work of your life.

                 I wish someone told me that it is not acceptable to live a life of guilt, despite what you wish you had done differently.

                 I wish I knew that the only to person to live for is myself, that living for someone else is no life at all.

                 I wish I knew that anger and injury were not badges of honor.

                 I wish I knew that love is a blessed gift, to myself and the person I love, even if that person cannot return my love, and that sometimes itís okay to love someone from afar.

                 The world gives birth to everyone for a reason. Many people are granted birth but suffer the great loss of not finding or creating a reason for their birth. May patience, peace, wisdom and love be the whispers in your ear as you sleep, and may you rise above the chains of fear and become the reason for your birth, to live as the person your were born as. Insomuch as I can I bless these lessons on you and hope this knowledge reaches you when you are ready for it.

                                  -Andrew Britton